Second Doctor Who game called Blood of the Cybermen

Did you watch Sunday’s episode of Doctor Who? Staggeringly good television, that was. Honestly, I wish that had been the finale. Not of the season. I mean for the whole of Doctor Who. If they had chosen to deceive us as to the number of episodes in the season, aired “The Pandorica Opens” and then never produced another episode, it would probably be one of the most daring and brilliant moves in television history. Now, every episode I see from this point will be ruined for me in a tiny way.

Alas, there will be a finale for this season of the show and it airs next Sunday, June 26. Immediately afterwards, the BBC will be making the second episodic adventure game for Doctor Who available for download. It’s titled, “Blood of the Cybermen,” which suggests that there are a bunch of clunking cyborgs in my future. That is if I can ever get around to finishing the first one.

According to the BBC’s press release, the game will also see the return of a villain we haven’t seen in the show since Tom Baker played the old Time Lord. I know this is a question that would be debated by something like 1% of people who read this story, but I have to ask: Who could it possibly be?

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