Sea of Thieves trailer introduces The Devil’s Roar

Forsaken Shores is locked in for September 19

In just under two weeks, Sea of Thieves players will set off for The Devil’s Roar, a fiery new region coming with the Forsaken Shores expansion. It’s an outright dangerous zone with scalding water and explosive volcanoes. You’ll have a chance to ditch your ship and go island hopping in a rowboat.

Today’s trailer is a nice little cinematic, something we don’t really see in-game.

Forsaken Shores looks like a much more substantial addition to Sea of Thieves than everything that’s come before it, and Rare has been saying as much for months now. I haven’t found the time for sailing as of late, but I’ll want to make time to explore this lively locale. I’m fond of that ember-like gear.

Jordan Devore
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