Sea of Thieves has been cruising along for 1,000 days already


If you had a thousand bottles of beer on your wall, and every day since Sea of Thieves launched, you took a bottle down and passed it around, you would now have zero bottles of beer on the wall. If Vanessa Carlton started walking on the day Sea of Thieves set sail and only walked one mile each day, she’d have reached her destination and she’d see you tonight.

Rare is celebrating the one thousandth day since Sea of Thieves launched on March 20, 2018. It’s a game that has maintained a health player base because Microsoft and Rare committed themselves to supporting it through a regular cadence of updates and events. Back on launch day, it was a fascinating social game that lacked depth; it was tough to imagine this is a game that’d stick around for years to come. Now it’s a model for how live service games should be approached in a lot of regards.

Of course there’s more than just the mere mention of Sea of Thieves‘ longevity. There are commemorative items! Anyone who logs in by December 16 will get a special eyepatch that has the Roman numeral “M” on it. People who have been around since day one will get a gold version of the “M” eyepatch. 15 million players can’t be wrong.

1000 Days of Play! Sea of Thieves Celebrates with Free Gifts, New Audio Book and More [Xbox Wire]

Brett Makedonski
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