SDCC: This crowd already sucks

Seriously? It’s Preview Night here at Comic-con. That means that only professionals and those with week-long passes were able to show up for tonight’s early look at the show floor. You’d think that this would mean that things would be kind of slow. Wrong. Instead, we were stuck in dense lines, pressed up against walls, and had to elbow our way out of the San Diego convention center to even breathe. 

And what were these people doing? Who knows. Nothing was set up. Almost nothing was running yet. It was still shoulder to shoulder, though, and unfortunately, we came across “con stench” already. I heard a rumor that some 10,000 people were granted professional badges. That’s how big this event is.

You can see for yourself in a quick walkthrough of one block of the floor in a video below the jump. This quick circle I made was actually nothing compared to the main walkways. This is the slow day? It’s going to be one hell of a weekend. 

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