SDCC: Square-Enix debuts the Odin Horse and more

Every time I visit the Square Enix booth at Comic-Con, I get to see some new toy that more or less blows my mind. Last year, it was the debut of the Shiva bike. By the way, we also learned that each of the summons in Final Fantasy XII has the ability to transform into something that your characters can ride. For instance, Shiva obviously transforms into a bike, and the horse prototype you see above is what Odin can transform into (by the way, this figure was shown for the first time at Comic-Con!).

We also got to see the Resident Evil 5 figures that were recently announced up close and personal. Fully poseable and carefully crafted in the likenesses of Chris and Sheva, these figures provide an excellent alternative for fans who aren’t quite ready to shell out hundreds for the Hot Toys versions. Take a peek at the gallery for more you can look forward to coming your way soon, but hide your credit card before you do it.
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