SDCC: New Singularity screens have plenty of gore and ghouls

Singularity is a piercing amalgamation of H.G. Well’s The Time Machine and Doom. In the game, players will control a yet-to-be-named protagonist thrust into a curious situation while investigating a Soviet military experiment: time, we’ve learned, is shifting rapidly as the nameless protagonist begins putting together the pieces of a conspiracy. Players will be forced to fight against creeps and creatures in both the 1950s and modern day as the story unfolds. However, the time shifting won’t be purely a progression element. The power to make the universe spin backwards is also in their hands thanks to the handy-dandy (and dully named) Time Manipulation Device.

The title is currently on the show floors of San Diego Comic-Con, and as a result, we have fresh images to share. Check them out in the gallery below.

Singularity is being developed by Raven Software and is slated to hit all current generation platforms later (Q1 2010) rather than later because of the monster known as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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