SDCC: Cosplayer brings a real AR-15 rifle to Comic-com

Wow. Just wow. 

I heard some Comic-Con security guys talking earlier today. They were laughing at some of the props used by cosplayers, talking about how real some of them looked. It turns out that some of the stuff cosplayers are bringing in are really real. Like AR-15 rifle real.

No, really. On the first day of the event one attendee tried to enter with an AR-15 rifle. A real one. Like some Rambo sh*t.

Today was almost as bad. Sign On San Diego says that the weapons check security’s haul for the second day of SDCC consisted of two machetes, one dagger, a commando-style K-bar knife and a lead pipe. One of the machetes was two feet long. 

Damn. These people are serious about their cosplay.

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