SDCC: Bayonetta Xbox 360 looks as sexy as the game

You have no idea how much I want this exclusive Bayonetta Xbox 360, but since I’m not at the San Diego Comic-Con, I probably never will. Platinum Games and Sega will be holding an event today where they’ll be showing off the game, and offering lucky attendees the chance to win one of these hot, hot systems.

If you dress up like Bayonetta and meet Sega at booth 5200, you could score tickets to the event and get your hands on that saucy Xbox. Sega is saying there is a chance for non-attendees to get one as well, but nothing has been revealed thus far. 

Something tells me that Destructoid frontpage bitching won’t work like it has done in the past when I’ve wanted free swag. Nevertheless, it never hurts to try — give me a Bayonetta 360, Sega, or I’ll f*cking murder you.

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