SDCC: Avatars get Gears of War COG and Locust uniforms

Here we go. Now that Microsoft is confident in charging money for its useless Avatar clothing, we’re finally getting stuff that almost approaches interesting. No more sunglasses or silly shoes, we’re actually getting videogame-themed clothes for our videogame Avatars on a videogame machine. How about that? The only trouble is, we now have to pay for it.

Revealed at the Comic-Con “Gearsiverse” panel, these uniforms will allow your Avatar to represent either the COG or the Locust. Since Microsoft has a silly rule that says Avatars are not allowed to look “inhuman,” the Locust armor looks about ten times more lame than it actually should. In fact, it looks incredibly stupid and there’s no way I’d have even guessed it was based on the Locust without being told first.

The armor sets should be available when the update hits next month, and they don’t make the Avatars look any less like effette, twee, camp little fashion models. 

Not even Dynasty Warriors clothes would make me buy Avatar stuff.

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