SDCC: A closer look at the BioShock 2 room

You know how BioShock 2 has that cool website (Something in the Sea), with the interactive room you can click on for hints about the game’s storyline? Yeah, well, 2K decided to take it up a notch at this year’s Comic-Con by recreating the entire room down to the tinest details. A closer look at some of said details actually yielded some pretty interesting information — for instance, check out that book lying in the corner about UFOs. Can we expect some alien action in our next dose of Rapture?

Of course, we got up close and personal and photographed all the cool papers so you could glean every last bit of info about the much anticipated sequel. What do you take away from the things you see here? Starting to get any ideas what the big twist of BioShock 2 might be about?

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