Scribblenauts Showdown now available on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Word Up

For a while, puzzle-sequel Scribblenauts Showdown was one of the industry’s worst-kept secrets. Now, just like that, the game is ready and waiting on multiple platforms, with publisher Warner Bros. releasing a launch trailer as a gentle reminder.

The new game, which features a lax, party style, sees players engage against each other in twenty-five fun mini-games, based around Scribblenauts trademark draw-to-life mechanics. The game also features the return of the Sandbox mode, where players must overcome obstacles with imaginative use of items which can be conjured out of thin-air.

It looks like good, clean fun for all, as exemplified in the trailer below, which features a kid who decrees a shark to be the best method for winning the 100M dash. Scribblenauts Showdown is available now in America on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The European release follows later this week.

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