Scribblenauts getting a full UK localization

British? Looking forward to Scribblenauts? Worried that you’ll have to write “pants” instead of “trousers” or “The UK Office” instead of “The Office“? Fear thee not, gentle limey friends, for the wonderful DS game (released in the US today) will be designed specifically for Brits when it launches in the UK.

The 20,000+ word vocabulary is to be converted into Her Majesty’s Royal English, as confirmed by Warner UK this week.

“Do you know your eggplant from your aubergine? How about your binky from your dummy? You may think you know your pants from your trousers but if you find yourself in the US, you’d be going for a very different look,” stated the publisher. “Fear not mistaken pants-over-trouser-wearers, as Scribblenauts developer, 5th Cell, has gone out of its way to localise the UK release of Scribblenauts to include words specifically for the UK market.

“Faucets, popsicles, sidewalks, diapers and, of course, the mess that is football and soccer, will confuse British DS owners no more …”

This is great news, of course, and quite necessary. While men of the world such as I are fluent in both English and American, those Brits who are ignorant of everything outside their own coastline would be left floundering without a full translation. Rest assured that there will be no cultural barriers with Scribblenauts. Hooray!

Jim Sterling