Scribblenauts dev 5th Cell ‘going to console next year’

Earlier this summer, I had the fortunate opportunity to talk with Jeremiah “Miah” Slaczka, the creative director of Scribblenauts, as well as the co-founder of 5th Cell. It was a great chance to ask some questions on the state of the game, and PAX offered another opportunity to expand on our discussion.

One of the things I was interested in is their next game plans. According to Slaczka, they are hard at work on their next original game, with a console title to be their next major product.

“We’re going to console next year,” he told me. “We’ll be announcing that next year, and it’s another original title. We’ll still do DS, maybe, but we want to focus our efforts on original consoles.”

Besides their next set of plans, I also asked Slaczka about the language issue, since Scribblenauts is going to ship with 12 languages.

“I’ve seen teachers who have emailed me, and they’re like ‘Dude, I’m getting this for my class,’ which I think is awesome. It’s a great way to learn,” he explained.

Ultimately, the most interesting portion of our interview was our discussion on people’s response to the game.

“It’s really good for people to look at a game, and not look at its graphics and go ‘oh, where’s your normal mapping and your hardcore shaders?’ It’s like, games don’t need that, games can be fun too.”

Amen to that.

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