Screw it, let’s just play basketball in Overwatch

There’s confetti now!

How do you, dedicated Overwatch player, spend your time during the pre-match phase?

Do you wreck up the place with random acts of violence? Shout hello hello hello until every last player on your team reciprocates? Try and fail to get the basketball in the hoop? All good choices.

I’m a little of column A, a little of column B, and instead of trying to score (I’m not that skilled or lucky!), I place my spray on the ball so it looks like it has a face and hope that someone, anyone notices.

In other words, I must live vicariously through this Overwatch clip in which streamer AnneMunition discovers Blizzard’s newly-added reward for sending the ball through the hoop.

More random, surprising bits of world interaction like this in all games, please!

Making a Basket now Shoots Confetti [reddit]

Jordan Devore
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