Screens from tri-Ace’s End of Eternity revealed

Hearing that tri-Ace and Sega were working on an RPG together may not have been exciting news to everyone, as tri-Ace’s track record has been on and off in terms of quality for a while now. The new game, called End of Eternity, marks the first time that tri-Ace has worked with any company other than Square-Enix on a project, and judging from these new screens, that could be a good thing. Because they look pretty attractive.

You can see more screens at Siliconera, and some scrutiny reveals both new characters and new enviroments. Here is some more new information about the game:

After Earth’s environment became toxic, humans in tri-Ace’s fictitious future built a massive tower to live in. Affluent denizens live on the top floors while the lower parts of the tower house the less fortunate. Zephyr, Vashyron, and “Subject #20″ live in Bazel and from these screenshots they don’t look too happy about it. Subject #20 is the only one that smiles and it’s a slight smile. Odd since she is the only one destined to die. As an experimentally created life she is programmed to at age 20. Subject #20 is 19 years old in End of Eternity.

I know that I have a lot of gripes about modern RPGs, but I have to admit I am fascinated anyway. I like the concept of the tower, and the “experimentally created life” sounds interesting. Sounds like what I want an RPG to sound like, which is creative and different. We’ll bring you more details on this title as soon as we hear them, but what do you think of these screens so far?

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