Scratch this: DJ Hero turntable controller revealed

While we’ve known about DJ Hero since late last year, but beyond the title and the fact that the game was in development, details were somewhat scant (unless of course, you want to go to that official site and listen to endless cheering). However, on the official Twitter page for the game, some new pictures popped up a few hours ago: the very first images of the turntable controller!

It’s cool looking, no doubt, but I can’t help wonder how it will feel to actually work with. I’m also curious if it actually turns or you just fiddle with the three buttons on top — it looks like the latter. It’s hard to tell the size since there’s no point of comparison, but I’d imagine it can’t be life-sized — that’s be kind of a pain to store, after all. Who knows? What do you think of this thing?

Colette Bennett