Scraps: Thank you for being a friend, Estelle Getty (7/23/08)

Yesterday, actress Estelle Getty — best known for her magnificent portrayal of spicy old bat Sophia Petrillo on the 80s television sitcom Golden Girls — passed away. She was 84.

Obviously, we spent most of the day mourning her loss. But we couldn’t pass up these videogame tidbits: 

  • Join the swinger’s club! Maybe Bionic Command Rearmed comes out next week on XBLA and PSN. [Degenki — Thanks, Buster!]
  • Or maybe Geometry Wars 2 comes out next week! [Team Xbox — thanks, power-glove!]
  • We don’t know any insider info, but if we did, we’d say this seems like a pretty likely set list for Guitar Hero World Tour. [covah’s cblog]
  • Australian equivalent of ESRB rates an unannounced title, Tenchu: Shadow Assault. No one knows what it is! *cough* It’s an XBLA game *cough* [Via UGO]
  • A wireless skateboard for the Xbox 360 and PS3? Why don’t you learn to ride a real skateboard! [Shiny Shiny]
  • Konami is really sorry about that whole Metal Gear Online SNAFU. You know, the one where it was broken and they didn’t know why. [1UP]
  • Penny Arcade’s Fallout comic has begun! [Bethesda]
  • (Camera) obscura indeed! Nintendo of America doesn’t even know what the hell anyone is talking about with all of this Fatal Frame 4 nonsense. What is that, some kind of game? Hey guys, have you seen their virtual cookbook for the DS or what? [GoNintendo]

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