Scraps: Science must be stopped at all costs (9/4/2008)

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I love science. The advances in my lifetime alone that have improved nearly every aspect of how I live are downright staggering. Sometimes science starts to travel down a path towards ruin, meddles with things that man was not meant to understand. An example? Opposable thumbs.

There’s a new study that suggests researchers have discovered part of the genetic code that gave humans thumbs. Oh, sure, they might figure out some way to use this to help humanity. But all it would take is one insane genius to start performing experiments on animals and then we’re screwed.  I’ve seen Planet of the Apes. I know how this is going to end.

  • Take-Two won’t admit to a Wii version of Grand Theft Auto. When questioned on it, however, they answer in a way that suggests they might be working on it. [Edge]
  • Sony Europe is going to release packs of three PSN titles for PSP on a single UMD. Beats, Syphon Filter: Combat Ops and flOw should be hitting the small screen in October. [Gamesindustry]
  • SHOCKING NEWS! Kids burn more calories by playing games that require physical activity than they do when sitting down. Who’d have guessed? [Gamepolitics]
  • While it’s hard to imagine anyone falling for this, scammers are trying to get your PSN account information by offering early access to Home. [PS3Fanboy]
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