Scraps: Nick Chester is too busy to do this anymore edition (9/1/2008)


“I’m Nick F*cking Chester. I’m too busy dominating at Rock Band and being a blogging God to pick up all the little stories that don’t get written about.” That’s, like, the first thing he said to me when we met at PAX this weekend. I’d have totally gotten in his grill about it but, well, he is Nick F*cking Chester. How can you argue against that?

So, I’m going to be sifting through the things that we’ve missed from day to day now. Slow news day overall and our crack team of writers have covered pretty much everything that came about today. Still, there’s a couple of things you may be interested in checking out here. Enjoy our leftovers.

  • Some photos have emerged of exterior sets for the Prince of Persia film. [MovieChronicles]
  • The Japanese are getting the shaft, being charged $20 for a Metal Slug 7 soundtrack that’s free for everyone else [OriginalSoundVersion]
Conrad Zimmerman