Scraps: My coffee is cold (7/29/08)

Apparently there was some Earthquake in America or some other country nobody really cares about. In even more horrendous news, my coffee is cold. Here I am, staying up until dawn so I can post the Scraps for Nick, and I have to do so with frigid caffeine in my mug. This will not do. I hereby propose we set up a fund where people can donate to the “get Jim a fresh cup of coffee” charity. They have fundraisers for such trivial things as Tsunamis — it’s about time we dealt with the issues that matter.

Oh, and here’s what slipped through our cracks today:

  • Activision is looking to sell off Sierra like Mr. Bumble and Oliver Twist. Only seven guineas, or thereabouts. Also, Ghostbusters not canceled. [Edge
  • Kuju London is changing name to Headstrong. Kuju always made me think of Final Fantasy XI. [The horse’s mouth]
  • Gears of War 2 Lancer replica is NOT confirmed. Continue miming chainsaw kills with a cardboard tube for now. [Joystiq]
  • First look at LEGO Universe in video form. [Gizmodo]
  • Capcom spills the beans about Digital Distribution. [Capcom]
  • PlayStation 3 finally manages to outsell PlayStation 2. Home still scheduled for 2045 release date. [TVG]
  • Street date SMASH! Xbox 360 Pro spotted early in Target stores. [PlanetXbox360]
  • Nintendo now larger than all major publishers combined. 50% of size attributed to Reggie’s meaty sense of self-satisfaction. [Gamepro]
  • Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway delayed yet again. Expect a Hell’s Highway/Home double pack. [1UP]
  • EA reports net loss of $95m for Q1. Maybe they should start releasing two Maddens per year. []

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