Scraps: Long Island is full of monsters confirmed (7/30/08)

Little know, but fun fact: I grew up on Long Island, New York. I moved away just in time to miss this thing allegedly washing up on the shores of a Montauk beach.

I think I went to high school with that thing.

  • While at the ESPN X Games in Los Angeles watching perform outdoor activities, why not participate in some indoor activities? PlayStation games! [PlayStation Blog
  • Ken Levine is a pretentious tw*t. He said it, not me. [Videogamer]
  • Russia finally get World of Warcraft release. “In Soviet Russia, WOW plays you!” – Dtoid’s Mike Ferry [Press release]
  • Now nerds can watch nerds nerd around at BlizzCon 2008 via DIRECTV. [Eurogamer]
  • Guess what? You can just walk into a store and pick up a copy of Madden NFL on the day of releaes! Peter Moore surprised that Madden pre-orders are down. [Edge]
  • EA has 40 games in development for Wii and Nintendo DS. [GamesIndustry]
  • Spore is like, totally almost finished. [Cnet – thanks, Scary Womanizing Pig Mask]
  • Ludlum Entertainment kicks Vivendi while they’re down, snatches back Bourne license. [Gamasutra]

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