Scraps: I guess people aren’t waiting for E3 to upload their trailers (7/13/08)

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Great, Chester is going to have my head. He let Dale out of the cage so that he wouldn’t freeze to death on his way to E3, as a sign of his generosity. So now when he finally settles in the hotel, he’s going to go and see that there were barely any scraps today. That’s because we’ve covered just about all the news that’s out there. Really.

When I went to check Famitsu today, there were just three stories. Famitsu reports just about everything. There were two blog updates and a talk about the new Ghost in the Shell redesign.

  • Here’s an E3 sneak peek: The Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II trailer. Thank God I don’t have to paint any models or pay attention to force organization charts for this. [Gametrailers]
  • Episode one of the Penny Arcade game is half-price this week on Steam. [Steam]
  • While you’re around, Project Origin‘s E3 trailer is also up. It’s rather meh-tastic. It’s been a while since a trailer has wowed me, either from Hollywood or the games industry. [Joystiq]
  • MSN Games turns 12 years old, which means they’re offering 50% off Cake Mania! [Gamerscoreblog]
  • Ibuki from CAPCOMANIAX is hot (and SFW!). Expect to see more about her and the Mega Hobby Expo 08 over on Tomopop. [Moeyo!]

Alright, so I guess there were a few things to post. See, Chester? No need to break my knees. I’m going to scuttle back to the safety of the admin panel where Nick can clearly see I am busy doing work. So, y’know, no need to torch any of Japanator‘s cubicles.

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