Scraps: Good food is too easy to find (9/9/2008)

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The grocery store is a really dangerous place for me. See, I love to cook and wandering through the aisles of a supermarket always gives me ideas for various things I could whip up in the kitchen. It takes practically every bit of willpower I have to stop from just dragging my arms along the shelves, knocking item after item into my waiting cart.

Sometimes it’s as if I just black out completely. The next thing I know, I’ve blown a hundred dollars that could have more economically been spent on hot dogs, leaving room to purchase more games. On the plus side, I had some very decent mussels for dinner tonight.

Here’s a veritable buffet of tidbits for you to look over that just couldn’t make the cut. Enjoy.

  • Veteran reality show producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice) is rumored to be working on a new program based on Rock Band 2. Apparently, systematically destroying one form of entertainment wasn’t enough for him. [Kotaku]
  • NCSoft is allegedly going to cut 50 jobs in the UK after cancelling an unannounced MMO project. The fate of Tabula Rasa is looking uncertain too. [GamesIndustry]
  • A co-founder of Ziff Davis’ DigitalLife expo, which was cancelled for this year, has started a new website aimed at educating parents about videogames and other information-age topics. [Modus Gamerandi]
  • Pachter says that the unconfirmed Dead Space ban will have little effect on sales of the game. At least, not in a negative fashion. [GamePolitics]
  • Yesterday, GameStop said they aren’t worried about digital distribution. Today, the gloves come off as the retail giant says they’re willing to compete with publishers over it. [Edge]
  • Forbes thinks that Google may be preparing to get involved in the gaming industry, possibly as a publisher. [1Up]

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