Scraps: Everything I want to write has already been taken today (7/15/08)

Well, so far Hamza is still alive. In fact, he’s more alive than ever. Without any of Chester’s involvement, as far as I can tell, he’s taken to whipping the Japanator staff when he’s not busy driving everyone on the site. At least he takes his shirt off when he uses the whip, and doesn’t coat the whip in chili powder.

So, besides all the E3 buzz — and by buzz, I mean the sleep-inducing episode that was Sony’s press conference — there were some stories that we happened to miss. Here they are as your scraps!

  • Activision reported $650 million in profits for their first quarter this year, thanks to Kung Fu Panda and Guitar Hero: On Tour. [GamesIndustry]
  • Namco Bandai announced Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade for the Xbox 360, and will include more than 30 games — Pac Man: CE is one of them. [NeoGAF]
  • Guitar Hero World Tour will feature GH Tunes, a service where you can upload created songs and have ’em rated, just like the real pop charts. [Shacknews]
  • SE producers say that there aren’t going to be any major differences on the 360 version of XIII, and that Versus XIII is definitely staying on the PS3. [Famitsu]

And that’s it. Everything else that I’ve found is “being worked on.” So, there’s plenty more to see while you’re here at Destructoid. If you’ll excuse me, I’m blearily tired from not sleeping last week, and so E3 week is throwing me off.

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