Scraps: Everyone’s out at The Dark Knight today (7/18/08)

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I know where all of you are. Out raving about how good The Dark Knight. Oh my stars and bars, was that a fantastic movie. But I’ll try not to turn this space into my own personal ranting area, for surely enough Chester will snatch the reins back from my hand and give me a good whipping for the insolence I’ve caused.

What we’ve got here are a few interesting things of note, especially for our UK friends. See, we try not to ignore you completely. I mean, we do feed Jim once a week and let him out of his cage ocassionally — that counts, right?

  • Looks like we’ve got some fun custom firmware for the Wii: reading burned DVDs, and a working (working = 4-8 fps) PSP emulator. [Engadget
  • Looks like the Wiimote may now have MotionPlus built into the controllers. But, they “don’t have a definitive direction to give’ yet. Wonder if it’d change the amount of power consumed if they moved it inside?  [PC Magazine]
  • Popular Mechanics highlights four titles coming out of E3 that will use the Wii Fit balance board. Hint: I’m not going to want to play any of them. [Popular Mechanics]
  • Eidos has invited the UK’s conservative leader, David Cameron, to check out Tomb Raider: Underworld after he “compared his political fortunes to playing Tomb Raider. [GamePolitics]
  • Sony is rolling out PlayTV in the UK on Sept. 10th. The device will turn the PS3 into a DVR, which can be used even when playing games. Better make sure to protect your DRM’d material, Sony.  [GamesIndustry]
  • Anyone want Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D for their iPhone? Anyone? Anyone? [Gizmodo]

Now that we’re done with E3, and running into the weekend, it’s time for all the E3 people to catch up on their previews, impressions, and everything else. Guess not much news will be coming out otherwise. Enjoy the scraps!

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