Scraps: E3 is going to kill someone by the end of the day (7/14/08)

You know who I pity right now? Hamza. He has to write that Daily Hotness post, and I can assure you, it’s not going to be fun. Thankfully, he’s three hours behind me, and so it’s not even 9pm for him. Since I’m about to sign off for the night, here are a few scraps that fell into the doggie bag:

  • Do you really need to program a robot to beat unfairly good at Guitar Hero? Can’t you put those energies to better uses, like building a sentry gun? [Engadget]
  • Here’s the Star Ocean 4 trailer. Great, tack on one more RPG series that I need to get around to playing. Hold on, Phantasy Star is next in line. [Gamersyde]
  • Capcom Japan wants you to vote on what characters will make it into the console version of Street Fighter IV. Vote Bridget. [Capcom Unity]
  • Blizzard has won its court case against the guy who wrote the Glider program. The result is that if you buy a game, you transfer rights to the developer that they can sue you if you breach them. [Slashdot]
  • EA announced a new system titled “Nucleus” that will allow games to be played and tracked cross-platform. This is going into effect for all EA Sports titles, Spore, and Battlefield Heroes off the bat.[ShackNews]

 There’s still more news to come here on Destructoid, as some of the E3 editors are just getting on their PCs now. Destructoid is going to be updated nearly 24/7 this week, and all without auto-queing our posts! If one of our editors doesn’t end up dead by the end of this week, I will be shocked. Place your bets on who it will be in the comments!

And no, Nick Chester sending me a package with killer bees in it does not count for the purposes of this bet.

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