Scraps: Crap we missed on 6/20/08

Have you heard about these mysterious severed feet washing up on the shores of British Columbia? Yeah, there’s been six of them, all in sneakers. Oh, wait, that last one? Totally a hoax — it’s just an animal’s foot in a sneaker. Oh, you crazy pranksters!

We spent most of the day looking for the office dog, Skittles, who suspiciously went missing last week. That’s why we missed this crap:

  • Finished Final Fantasy IV tattoo is finished. [Rainbowblack’s Cblog]
  • THQ officially announced its “kick and punch the crap out of other people” game, UFC 2009 Undisputed, for next-gen consoles. [Press release]
  • Capcom and Resident Evil 5 still racist. [GamePolitics]
  • More Shenmue prank calls that are more entertaining than the actual game. [Tapezilla]
  • Jace Hall plays videogames with Chuck’s Zack Levi and takes his life in his own hands by referring to Cliffy Bleszinski as “CliffyB.” [Crackle]
  • Only Indians and Asians wanted the Tales of Vesperia demo anyway. [Major Nelson]
  • Europe gets screwed out of Metal Gear Solid database on PSN this week. We laugh. [Kotaku]
  • Speaking of which, Metal Gear Solid 5 could be a prequel, and Solid Snake could turn out to be a post-op transexual. But he’s not. I’m just saying … it could happen. [1UP]
  • Resistance 2 on cover of next GamePro, possible beta keys inside the magazine OMFGPLEASENOWTHX. [GamePro]
  • This Max Payne movie is not a joke. These images are the proof. OK, it still might be a joke. [CVG]

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Nick Chester