Scraps: Crap we missed on 6/19/08

Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton decided he’s going to be launching a “Gossip on the Go” phone call service. For a measly $5, Perez — or a recording of Perez, although I’m not sure there’s a difference — will call you with the latest gossip. His readers went bats**t, calling him a sellout, among other things.

With that in mind, I spent most of the day negotiating with AT&T to provide a similar service to Destructoid readers. For $4.99 and food stamps valid in the state of Maryland, Reverend Anthony will call you daily and tell you that your favorite game (or whatever you’re currently playing) sucks. So that’s why we missed all of this stuff today:

  • NCAA Football 2009 demo hits Xbox 360 marketplace: the best parts of college football without the drug use and date rape! [Major Nelson]
  • MC Frontalot — who looks like my creepy uncle — kicks mad nerdcore rhymes for G4. [G4]
  • Japan loves the hell out of school girls, squids, and Metal Gear Solid 4. [Next Gen]
  • We received these Conduit “manual” images directly from High Voltage, but everyone who works for Destructoid was too busy, uh … I don’t know what they were doing. So go somewhere else and look at them. [Cubed3]
  • Live-action scantily-clad-chicks-killing-zombies film based on a movie, Onechanbara, screening in NYC. [Subway Cinema]
  • Killzone 2 is EGM‘s next cover story … and the game still doesn’t look like that original trailer. [Official PlayStation Blog]
  • Neil Young leaves Electronic Arts. I was never a big Buffalo Springfield fan anyway. [GamesIndustry]
  • Mario Puzo’s son sues EA over The Godfather game royalties, John Riccitiello wakes up with a horse’s head in his bed. [Reuters]
  • XBLA game Schizoid gets July release date. If you have friends or Xbox LIVE, you want this game. Trust us. [Torpex Games]
  • BioShock dev team to keynote next month’s Develop conference in Brighton. What, did these guys do something important or something? [Next Gen]

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Nick Chester