Scraps: Crap we missed on 6/18/08 webmaster Alejandro Reyero recently painted his 11-month-old child’s room with a LocoRoco theme. And what the hell did your parents ever do for you? 

With that in mind, I’ve been at Home Depot all day trying to pick out the best colors for my child’s Thrill Kill-themed nursery. That’s why we missed all of this crap today:

  • Rooster Teeth launches its Supreme Commander machinima series. I haven’t watched it yet, but if it’s as funny as Red vs. Blue, then someone else watch it for me. [Gametrailers]
  • Analyst thinks the DS is yesterday’s news. [TGR]
  • Square Enix devs are human like everyone else, having issues getting that damned Unreal Engine 3 working on the PS3. The Last Remnant suffers delay. Surprise! [Gamespy]
  • Lost Planet doesn’t need a movie adaptation, but we didn’t need a Sex and the City or three f**king Mummy sequels either. [Wired Game|Life]
  • AMD builds MOST. POWERFUL. CHIP. EVER. Tetris Worlds is going to look awesome with this thing. [AMD — Thanks, ProfessorPew.]
  • Rockstar were going to give Niko music on the go in GTA IV. Then they weren’t. Then they were. Then they weren’t. Then they were. Then they didn’t. [MTV Multiplayer]
  • Blizzard release No-CD “patch” for Diablo II. Hey, I had one of those eight years ago when it was called a “crack.” [Blizzplanet — Thanks, Brad.]
  • One step closer to getting laid: Get your ugly face in the upcoming WiiWare/PC title Eternity’s Child. [Luc Bernard]
  • Ninja Theory and Sony don’t leave flaming bags of poop on each other’s lawns. [CVG]

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Nick Chester