Scraps: All work and no play (9/22/2008)


I don’t really have a lot of time tonight. If it’s any indication of how busy I’ve been, I have only had the opportunity to play through a single level of Mega Man 9. Shameful, I know. I’d wish for more hours in the day, but I know I’d just fill them with more work.

Everybody at Destructoid has been hard at work today. Nevertheless, they’re always kind enough to leave a little something for me at the end of the day. Have a good night, all.

  • Xbox Live poll results are in and have an astonishing 100,000 respondents. Obama is leading by a 12% margin. [Gamerscore Blog]
  • Yet another industry guy arguing the validity of the BBFC. This time, it’s the ELSPA director, Paul Jackson. I honestly don’t care who rates games in the UK anymore, I just wish they’d shut up about it. [Edge]
  • Midway Games is looking to score $40 million from National Amusments by selling off accounts. Sounds like Shari Redstone is asking her daddy for cash. [GamesIndustry]
  • In defiance of expectations, Microsoft has finally started making some headway into the Japanese market. Here’s how they plan to continue doing so. [Edge]
Conrad Zimmerman