Scraps: 7/8/08

Today, we picked up some information that could be a hint as to what Nintendo will not be revealing at this year’s E3. For anyone who was hoping we’d see a new Mario title with Bowser as the game’s main baddie, think again. As it turns out, Bowser has gotten out of the bad guy business and has opened up a furniture store in Hummelstown, PA.

We took a trip out there today, and Bowser has a pretty great selection of couches and dining room tables. Whether we go with wood or glass for our office is a big decision, and we put a lot of thought into it today. Still, we wouldn’t want you to miss this:

  • Infinity Ward renews their contract with Activision, will be working on a Spider-Man/World of Warcraft crossover MMO that takes place during World War II. Just kidding about that last part. [1UP]
  • A new team stealth mode sneaks into Metal Gear Online. Get it? Sneaks? [CVG]  
  • Cliff Bleszinski thinks there’s too many God damned buttons on the Xbox 360 controller, but Gears of War 2 will probably use every single last one of them. [CVG]
  • Blizzard speaks to console makers “all the time.” So do we, that still doesn’t mean Diablo III is coming to anything but the PC. [MTV Multiplayer]
  • Is Star Wars Battlefront III coming to the Wii? Amazon says so! []
  • Ubisoft acquires special effects studio Hybride Technologies, the folks responsible for the slick looking Sin City and 300 films. [Next Gen]
  • PSN title Pain gets an update, Pain Amusement Park. Smash your digital avatar into clowns and other amusement park-related things. Supports multiplayer and trophies. [PlayStation Blog]

Send your videogame-related news and tips to [email protected] … because we’re going to have to clean up around here to make room for the massive furniture delivery we’re expecting tomorrow.

Nick Chester