Scraps: 7/4/08

We were thinking: we need a logo or an image that defines “scraps.” After some brainstorming and a few 40-ounce bottles of King Cobra, it hit us — leftovers!

So we put our resident artistic design monkey, Topher Cantler, to work and — bam! Check out the new hotness. You’ll know when you see the above image that you’re in the right place to feast on all of the little scraps of videogame news that we have left over from the day. 

  • Australians don’t like radioactive shrimp on their barbie: Has Fallout 3 been “banned” in Australia due to in-game drug use? [Gamespot]
  • Start your design engines, have your work appear in some future GRID downloadable content. [Codemasters]
  • Housewives and grandparents are about as smart as they’re going to get, Nintendo not releasing any more “brain training” games. [MCV]
  • Denis Dyack digs deeper, calls out NeoGAF on 1UP podcast. [1UP]
  • Infinite Undiscovery will ship on two DVDs, still have a stupid name. [Gamekyo]
  • The PlayStation Store was updated yesterday, because that’s what usually happens on Thursdays, which was yesterday. But here’s a reminder. [PlayStation.Blog]
  • The 2D Mega Man is all the rage these days, but the blue bomber lives on in 3D in this Unreal Tournament III mod. [Siliconera]
  • Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg thinks people will stop playing with all of that baby s**t on the Wii and “graduate” to a real videogame console, the Xbox 360. [Gamasutra]

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Nick Chester