Scraps: 6/25/08

Someone told us that Blade Runner looks killer on Blu-ray. We rented it off of Netflix, and we’ve been watching it all day, so here’s some gaming tidbits we forgot to tell you about:

  • G4’s Adam Sessler previews Left 4 Dead and we still have not played it. Unacceptable. [G4]
  • The (possibly) only good Sonic game in years gets a Web site. [Sonic Chronicles]
  • Logitech’s official PS3 Gran Turismo wheel is fancier than your car. [HardwareZone]
  • Public beta of browser FPS title Fallen Empire: Legions is live. [Instant Action]
  • These games are racist. [GameDaily]
  • Microsoft has something up its sleeve for E3 and it’s going to be “game-changing.” Twelve-player co-op gameplay in Gears of War 2 isn’t that exciting … is it? [MCV]

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Nick Chester