Scott Pilgrim vs. The World game announced

Are you a fan of Scott Pilgrim? If not, you should be — it’s a funny, well written graphic novel series filled with clever video game references. You should also be excited that, this afternoon, Ubisoft announced they are making a video game to coincide with the upcoming movie.

Unfortunately, the press release says almost nothing interesting beyond the fact that a game is, in fact, being made. The vast majority of the release is them trying to pimp the movie, and blathering on about how formerly awesome Arrested Development star turned pretentious indie “I’m too good for everything” überdouche Michael Cera will star. Totally neglected, other than a brief mention, are the more awesome people in the movie like Mae Whitman (a.k.a. Ann a.k.a. Egg a.k.a. Plant a.k.a. Her?).

Sadly, we don’t know what platforms the game will be released on, what kind of game it will be, or if Cera and the other cast members will provide voices for the game. All I really learned was that the game is set to release alongside the movie in 2010, and that NBC Universal is 80% owned by General Electric and 20% owned by Vivendi. EXCITING! Still, Scott Pilgrim is pretty neat, so even Michael Cera can’t bring this announcement down.

The inevitable “I’m not going to do the second movie or second game because I don’t want to be typecast/I’m too good for this now” statement, however, will probably be more of a buzzkill.