Scorn looks gross in all the right ways

Long live the new flesh

Scorn, a fleshy first-person horror adventure “set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms,” popped up on Steam Greenlight today. You might not want to watch this teaser trailer in a crowded room.

Elaborating on the gameplay since there’s only a hint of that in the video, Ebb Software says “Every location contains its own theme (story), puzzles, and characters that are integral in creating a cohesive lived-in world. Throughout the game you will open up new areas, acquire different skill sets, weapons, various items, and try to comprehend the sights presented to you.”

If any of this sounds vaguely familiar, there was a canceled Kickstarter campaign a couple of years ago. The studio secured funding elsewhere and is now back with plans for a 2017 PC release.

The two-part structure of Scorn gives me slight pause. That said, I appreciate this stance: “These two parts represent everything that will ever be done. There will be no DLC, expansions, or sequels. Ever.”

I’d also like to point you in the direction of the game’s website. And, uh, this. Look at this!

Jordan Devore
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