Sci-fi RPG Ar nosurge out now on PlayStation Vita

Boxed special edition available via NISA

Ar nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star is now available across North America and Europe.

As we’ve come to expect of Gust-developed role-playing games, this PlayStation Vita release is an enhanced port of last year’s PlayStation 3 title, which adds free DLC content and extra costumes.

The story is set in the same universe as Ar tonelico and Ciel nosurge, following a duo that set out to guide their vagrant society back home to Earth after being adrift in space for two millennia. 

It’s currently available for download via the PlayStation Store for $40 / £33 / 40. Meanwhile, a physical limited edition is available via NIS America’s online shop for $55.

Kyle MacGregor Burleson