SCEE PlayStation Day: first gameplay footage of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

Earlier this week, we brought you news from Sony Europe’s Gamers Day in London, along with a trailer for Mirror’s Edge. Now, Sony has put out over three minutes of in-game video from Evolution Studios’ upcoming PS3-exclusive off-road racing sequel, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift (née MotorStorm 2). According to the not-so-subtle text at the top of the video, the footage comes from a “pre-alpha” build of the game that is roughly 40% complete.

The video features a voice-over by someone who is presumably one of the developers; to me, he sounds a lot like Christopher “Lots of planets have a north” Eccleston, only with more of an accent. He points out the improvements that Evolution Studios has made over the original MotorStorm, which include such things as foliage and water physics.

The graphics overall are looking pretty great so far — the lens flare at the beginning and the vehicle models are particularly impressive — but the water interactivity and explosions/fire definitely need some work. The video goes on to give us a more detailed look at the monster truck, the new class of vehicle that was introduced in the CG trailer from a while back, as well as some other features. What are your opinions of this early build of the game?

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