Scarygirl game coming to Xbox 360 and PS3

If you’re into free online flash games (and why shouldn’t you be, there are some awesome ones out there), then you’ve probably played Nathan Jurevicius’s Scarygirl. If not head over here and have yourself a good time. While you’re at it read the graphic novel too.

Nathan Jurevicius, Scarygirl’s creator, has recently informed Tomopop that he’ll be bringing his vinyl toy character to the wonderful world of console gaming on the Xbox 260 and the PlayStation 3. The screens over at Tomo show off the first of seven levels, each of which will feature three stages. The story will be an alternate storyline to the aforementioned online game and graphic novel. Players will be able to take on the platformer solo or with a second player.

No release date yet, but the folks at Tomo are keeping on top of this and we’ll keep on top of them because they’re awesome.

Nathan Jurevicius’ Scarygirl game is coming to the 360 and PS3 [Tomopop]

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