Scarecrow, Captain Cold, and Bane strike fear into newest Injustice 2 trailer

[insert Wizard of Oz reference]

I’ve gone back and forth over Injustice 2‘s roster. Some characters have impressed, others much less so, but if we absolutely need to have a ton of Batman villains again I don’t mind this version of Scarecrow. 

The latest reveal trailer, “It’s Good to be Bad” (lol), shows off Gorilla Grodd again, a bit more of Bane, some much-needed Captain Cold gameplay (who first appeared for a second in one of the story trailers), and Scarecrow. I’m digging Scarecrow’s gangly vibe and design, and his sickle and chain will be tough to deal with for sure. Captain Cold also impresses as he seems a lot more of an up-close fighter than I presumed. I also don’t think I’ve had the chance to talk about Gorilla Grodd and Bane here, but suffice to say they’re looking mighty fine.

Too bad about those Source Crystals though. 

Injustice 2 is out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One May 16. 

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