Scandal: Gamecock’s Harry Miller announces support for ESA incumbent

Back in May, Gamecock’s Mike Wilson announced he was running for president of the ESA against the man currently holding the post, Mike Gallagher. The announcement drew many a raised eyebrow, especially considering all the recent departures and companies such as Activision bowing out of E3. Whether you agreed or disagreed with Wilson running, it certainly seemed like the ESA situation was ripe for change.

It was announced today that Gamecock president and Head of Development Harry Miller will be supporting the incumbent rather than Wilson, raising eyebrows even further and making me glad I’m not in the Gamecock offices (I assume if I was I could cut the tension with a knife). Game Informer spoke to Miller, who answered a few questions about his stance:

Game Informer: Was there one particular thing or event that prompted your decision to break ranks with your business partner to support Michael Gallagher for President of the ESA?
Harry Miller: There has been mention of possible connections between me, Michael Gallagher, and a certain government agency that may or may not actually exist, but I’m here to tell you my support has nothing to do with any supposed international incidents or back taxes. I, like my fellow Texan Rick Perry, support Mikey G, the ESA and E3, as an industry professional, a father and a Christian. Plus we all know that Wilson could use a good kick in the nuts.

Serious commentary, or tongue-in-cheek joke? It’s hard to tell. There’s definitely something going on behind the scenes, that’s for sure. When contacted by Destructoid about the turn of events, Wilson said he would have some breaking news for us very soon, but wouldn’t tell us any more. Are we about to witness a mud fight?

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