SBK X dev says Natal, Move not ideal for racers

I’ll save my judgement from the day I play a completed, ready-to-go Natal or Move racing game, but some are calling it early. SBK X Superbike World Championship game director Michele Celetti said he wasn’t feeling either Sony’s Move or Microsoft’s Natal for racing games.

“Racers need very tight control,” said Celetti. “It’s immersive but it has to be very precise. There is no possible compromise, because if you play SBK X in full simulation there is no room for mistakes or imprecise control.”

He also says in an interview with CVG: “It’s hard to say if motion technologies will play a great role for a racing game in the immediate future. I think [they] will be more focused on some different kinds of games like shooters and family games.”

While I did say that I’d hold judgment for a proper hands-on, I did want to say that the whole imaginary gas and brake pedals in the early Natal videos has to be total bullsh*t. How would that even work?

Natal, Move ‘not ideal for racers’ [CVG]

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