Say prayers, eat vitamins, play Hulk Hogan Kinect game

So this is happening: Majesco is publishing Hulk Hogan’s Main Event, a Kinect for Xbox 360 title that it will reveal at E3 next month.

Right. So. Majesco says the game will have Hulk Hogan himself putting players through their paces as he teaches them the ropes of professional wrestling. Gamers will emulate the Hulksters famous poses and perform 30-plus wrestling combos… in their living rooms. It also sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Main Event will feature a create-a-wrestler mode, nine venues, both single- and two-player tag-team modes, and more.

We’ll tell you what “more” is after we see the game at E3, where Hulk Hogan himself will be attending. This, as I said earlier, is happening.

Nick Chester