Say hello to my little Wii; Scarface coming to Nintendo’s console

British gaming mag, NGamer, has broken the first news on Vivendi’s Scarface for the Nintendo Wii. While the bulk of the information (including screens) can be found in their latest issue, NGamer’s official site teases with a few tasty lines:

Shooting – a key part in most missions – is mapped on to the remote pointer, with players able to direct the aiming reticule around the screen, leaving a trail of Miami dead in its path. Moving your hand to direct Tony’s gun while your body remains still captures Montana’s steadfast mentality perfectly, that stubborn determination to stand his ground – an anchor with an AK.

Besides the controls, it appears that Scarface will be a port of the game currently available on the Xbox and PlayStation 2. With an average review score hovering somewhere in the high 70% range (according to Game Rankings), Scarface was a decent (but not great) game that might be the closest thing we’ll see to Grand Theft Auto on the Wii, in the foreseeable future.

That is why you bought a Wii, right? To play Grand Theft Auto?

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