Say goodbye to your wallet, because the Steam Summer Sale has just started

And I was just starting to save money…

It’s that time of the year again where PC gamers froth at the mouth and default on their home loans thanks to insanely cheap gaming deals. Yes, the Steam Summer Sale is now live and you can get to buying up everything in your backlog without destroying your bank account…although you’ll likely end up obliterating it anyway by seeing that certain game you’ve always wanted to try for $5.

This year’s sale will be running from today, June 25, until July 9, 2019. The “Steam Grand Prix” will be running during the sale and will give users a chance to win free games. The gimmick this year is something akin to slot car racing. Users can team up with their friends to win titles from their wishlist by completing daily tasks and buying titles during the sale. It sounds way better than that clicker game they did a few years back, at any rate. You can read the full details here.

Here are some of the deals I recommend you jump on. Practically everything on the store is on sale, so I will not be linking to all of them.

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