Say goodbye to your social life and hello to Mass Effect

So, Mr. RPG fanatic, are you still looking for a reason to pick up an Xbox 360? Well, look no further than Mass Effect. If you’ve been paying any attention to this game at all, you would already know that it may very well be your next digital addiction.

BioWare’s very own Ray Muzyka recently sat down with TeamXbox and revealed some delicious details such as Mass Effect‘s length:

I mean, it really depends on just how much you want to do on the uncharted worlds. I think it’s going to be about 40 hours or so for the main story, so it’s going to be a good-sized BioWare RPG just for the core part. Off the beaten path, there’s probably another 20 or 30 hours or so of stuff, or more, depending on how much you do and what order you do it in and all of that.

Up to 70 hours? It looks like we have another Oblivion on our hands. If all of that play time ends up being pure entertainment with great storytelling, then sign me up!

[Via The Xbox Domain]

Jordan Devore
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