Say goodbye to Merchants of Brooklyn and hello to Drug Wars

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Merchants of Brooklyn, that one PC shooter that was inadvertently released as an unfinished game, has gone through a name change, and is now known as Drug Wars. The old switcheroo was noticed by Shacknews, who comments that the new title comes from a free add-on released for MoB back in June.

Even though the correct, finalized version of Merchants of Brooklyn was released on Steam, the damage can still be seen in the game’s review scores. If I were to speculate as to why Paleo Entertainment went through with the rebranding, that’d be my best guess.

It’s interesting to think that none of this would be possible (well, affordable) in a traditional brick and mortar store, and that Steam does in fact allow such changes to take place. Sure, this particular instance most likely won’t affect many of you, but “the more you know,” right?

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