Save up your ultimates, Nendoroid Mercy is on the way

Set for a January 2018 release

Ready to make that one last push onto the objective? Got Tracer and Mei in the wings? It’s time to take out a health insurance policy and get yourself a Mercy!

We saw the announcement a while ago, and now Nendoroid Mercy is finally up for pre-order. She looks absolutely angelic, but don’t let that fool you. The set includes parts to put her in a combative pose too.

Mercy will also come with parts to simulate her healing ability. I think it’s adorable when paired with another Nendoroid – and it doesn’t just have to be Overwatch characters!

You can pre-order Mercy now at the Good Smile Online Shop or from the Blizzard Gear store for US $49.99.

Tianxiao Ma