Save me Tom Cruise: Mission Impossible is crossing over with PUBG Mobile


Maybe you’re one of those people who are completely oblivious to a major motion picture opening like Mission Impossible – Fallout. Odds are you’re not. Fallout, effectively Mission Impossible 6, hit theaters last week and PUBG Corp is capitalizing on its likely long tail with an in-game event. There’s a catch though: it’s just for the completely separate mobile edition.

You’re not missing out on too much though, as it only features challenges and small rewards, as well as slight aesthetic alterations like new background music and a modified parachute. You’ll also earn “themed items” that will unlock cosmetics. That’s basically it, and the small clip below should fill you in if you’re wondering what it all looks like. Again this is only live for the Android and iOS editions of the game.

It’s a shame that unlike Fornite, PUBG Mobile is its own thing. I’d like to check this out but I have no desire to stray from my progress on PC.

Chris Carter
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