Save a wicked sum on a Dante’s Inferno pre-order tomorrow

The Internet wing of the juggernaut videogame retail thing GameStop will have a time-sensitive exclusive “program” for Dante’s Inferno tomorrow. On September 9th (09/09/09), EA Visceral plans to reveal a new circle of Hell (Greed) on the game’s official Web site, and with that reveal comes the program: anyone with the stuffing to pre-order the brawler will receive — on that day only — $6.66 off the pre-order.

You see what they did there?

Just hit this link when the stuff goes live and the day of evil commences. Also, if you’re in the mood, here’s some new wallpaper courtesy of the studio. Slap one of these babies on ye’ old desktop before you pre-order. It should add to the experience. We think it will, at least.

Brad BradNicholson