Save 24% on Tyranny, the new CRPG from Obsidian

CRPG, the hot new RPG

Obsidian Entertainment and an RPG fan? Then you probably know of this puppy, Tyranny, that’s going live in just one day. For the rest of us, take note as the latest title from Obsidian comes with all the right keyword tags on Steam: CRPG, isometric, story rich… Mmmm. Tasty.

If you enjoyed Pillars of Eternity or well-crafted past titles such as Fallout: New Vegas or Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II, Tyranny will be worth a look. The game is currently the #2 top seller on Steam, right behind Dishonored 2.

Currently the best deal online for Tyranny is via DLGamer, which has all edition of the game at 15% off. The previous pre-order deal of 24% off is now expired as the coupon stacking deal no longer works. Keys are delivered instantly after purchase.

Tyranny Deals

Update: discount is lower now that the game is released. Coupon code no longer works on this title.

Commander vs. Archon vs. Overlord Editions

Three deals are available: the base Commander Edition, the Archon Edition, and the Overlord Edition.

Archon gets you: ringtones, the digital OST, a digital high-res game map, an exclusive coat of arms, a short story collection, digital high-res wallpapers, an Archon Edition forum icon, and forum avatars for Paradox Plaza.

Overlord Edition gets you all the above with along with the digital collector’s guide book and art book. Similarly, you’ll also receive Overlord Edition forum icon and avatars for Paradox Plaza.

Unless you’re somehow already a hardcore fan of the lore, we see little reason to pay more for any of these editions just for the digital goods (the guide book and art book are always nice to read, but we personally don’t think that’s worth another $25).

Tyranny Pre-Order Bonus

Pre-order bonuses are fairly lightweight in nature. You get two items which grant you in-game stat bonuses. It’s nothing amazing and we suspect you’ll quickly find gear that replaces these bonuses:

  • Fatebinder’s Seal accessory with +2 resolve
  • Commander’s Will boots, triggers a hostile effect on party kill
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